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Government protected pedophiles

Government protected pedophiles

The Telegraph story today relates to how pedophiles who do the heinous act of raping children often get minimal sentences, if anything at all. My story relates to how in my personal experience with the police, especially how the NSW homicide – yes ‘homicide’ squad, went out of their way in my case to stop criminals being pursued. In utter frustration I finally post my story online because I have no faith in either the justice or governmental systems. They are there to protect the crooks, the gatekeepers, not catch them. Ask yourself, why, under our current legal system, is it in rape cases the history of the rapist is concealed from the jury to give the rapist a ‘fair trial’, whilst the history of the person raped is explored excruciatingly to try & prove they the victim in some way encouraged the perpetrator of crime? No wonder many people wont go through the ordeal of reporting rapes simply because often the court process becomes worse than the rape. Those in the judiciary are fully aware of this and yet the system is maintained.


About 15 years ago I rang up Operation Paradox to report childhood abuse – extreme sexual, physical and emotional, that my father Richard Arthur Alexander McIntyre had repeatedly done to me & others, at times in a life threatening manner. I relayed to them over the phone what had gone on. I was advised someone of a senior level would get back to me. Instead I got a call from my local police station. I advised them I had been advised I was to hear from someone senior. They offered me no other option, that was it. I didn’t pursue it. Opportunely not long after I met someone at ASCA (Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse), who had contacts within the federal police. I rang the federal police officer contact & spoke to him. He said from what he knew of what went on in society he and his wife would not even let his kids go to school and home schooled them. He then wrote to the NSW Homicide squad about my case & firmly requested they look into it.

Next I knew a carload of detectives pulled up out the front of my house. A beefy one hopped out, with a big file of papers under his arm. He came to the house & knocked on the door full of bravado whilst the others looked on. When I answered, he advised where he was from, gave me a card & asked me to call the officer on the card, who it seemed was from the same office he was in. Strange I thought – why the theatrics of showing up at my door when that officer in question could have called me direct. I rang the officer on the card & made an appointment to see him.

I went to the appointment in Sydney at the Prince Alfred Park Building in Cleveland St, Surry Hills. When I arrived I told the receptionist who I was & who I was there to see for a per-arranged appointment. I waited for around half an hour & nothing, so I kept waiting. Eventually the officer who had come to my home turned up. He advised who I was meant to see had to go to the morgue & he would see me instead. I felt uncomfortable. He escorted me to the lift. Another officer came in the lift and he grabbed him between the legs and they laughed & joked. I thought it quite inappropriate considering I was there on sexual abuse issues. When we arrived at the intended floor he escorted me out and led me to an office. The strange thing was all the desks in the large open office adjoining the office we entered were empty – there was not a soul anywhere in sight & it looked like it was normally quite busy. Were they all in a meeting? My sense of uneasiness about the whole situation grew.

We sat in the office, I couldn’t tell whether it was his or not. I gave him six pages of notes of evidence about my father relating to severe sexual abuse & his potential involvement in numerous murders. He read through the pages and we discussed them. Eventually he said
that they would need to have me hypnotised to verify my testimony. I felt really uncomfortable about that. My abuse had been about my boundaries being severely violated & I didn’t feel comfortable at all giving the police the right to walk all over my boundaries with hypnotism. I felt it best to get out of there as soon as I could. I played it calm, told him I wasnt ready for that & when I was I would let him know. The whole meeting had given me the creeps & I just wanted to get out of the place. He smiled at me routinely and I left.

Not long after I spoke to a psychiatrist and relayed the story to him. He advised that if I had allowed the police to hypnotise me then my testimony would not be credible in court. I felt sick.

Reading the below links my experiences with the police were far from isolated. Has anything changed now? Are pedophiles & pedophile networks still protected?

Corruption into the NSW police ; more on corruption into NSW police ; Wood Royal Commission where Franca Arena was lynched

There is more to this.

1. Homicide squad blocking; 2. Letter to police minister that went unanswered; 3. Tales of my childhood; 4. Daily Telegraph ignores 5; Government protecting pedophiles & murderers

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  5. JJ says:

    Hi Doug.
    My father knew yours many years ago.
    Feel free to contact me privately via the email provided

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