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How could this happen?

Premier, you are in a position of responsibility, I implore you, I appeal to you, please help right the wrongs of the past. Please protect your constituents who are currently at risk.

In summary, so far we are up to;
2 murders Dad has admitted to doing including poofter bashing & king hitting
1 attempted murder (car park attendant) for which he was simply charged with assault & let to go back into the community
So far I almost lost my life on one occasion (brick at the face), as well as being brutally raped by him as a young child, & severely assaulted repeatedly
Dad is connected with & possibly involved with 4 additional unsolved murders including Wanda murders, Lyndsey McLeod attempted murder, strangling murder of a relative which also resulted in a suicide. I have offered to come in & give my DNA if it in any way helps resolve these, but nothing.
Repeated bashing of my mother. Bashing of a woman in Nowra & my sister, her partner & young child at risk.

The police, including the homicide squad have had the details of most of the above and others for over 15 years but have done nothing. Well they have done something – they have done whatever they can to stop him being investigated. I need to know why is this so? Why has he been protected whilst the community has been repeatedly put at risk. And I am only part way through my list. There is a lot, lot more to come. How much else is there that I don’t know about? How can successive governments & police allow this to happen over an extended period despite being repeatedly made aware of his actions.

Yet my father has been able to work for the government as a transit officer on the trains, amongst vulnerable women & children,. How would these mothers feel if they knew the man patrolling the trains amongst them was a murderer, rapist & pedophile? How would their husbands feel at work knowing their wives & kids had a murderer, rapist & pedophile checking their tickets? What about the young school kids travelling home alone on the train whilst he was ‘policing’ – at what risk were they?

When my father had a criminal record for the few crimes he was actually charged with, when the police had come numerous times to the house when my mother was bashed, when my father had been put in prison for a short stint (more on that soon), he had been rejected from the army on psychiatric grounds, when I had met with the homicide squad in person & given them 6 pages of evidence, when another had written to police minister Ryan about my fathers crimes – how could my father get job after job where vulnerable, innocent people were put at risk when there were meant to be security checks.

For many years my father also worked as a taxi driver. It’s like a scene out of a horror movie isn’t it. With women & young children hailing a cab, then hopping in with a driver who is a murderer,rapist & pedophile. The police have knowingly allowed him to be placed right in the midst of the most vulnerable. It is chilling and appalling stuff.

And as a Chubb security agent, how did my father pass clearance checks?

3 positions where the worst type of criminal is placed amongst the most vulnerable. How did this happen? Isn’t part of the governments & police role to protect people from these sorts of animals. And yet Dad was the protected one, living his violent & abusive life with impunity, and innocent people repeatedly put at risk, extreme risk. And as a consequence many have suffered terribly. How many other innocent victims are there out there? How many other people have suffered at his hands that we don’t know about.

Premier I have emailed you repeatedly since you took office, requesting action & to speak to someone I can trust, I so very much need that. Yet you have put me back in contact with the homicide squad who proved so untrusting the first time. Please understand i don’t feel safe with them & for good reason. I need those who are going to take my information seriously & treat me with the understanding, credibility & compassion I need. Peoples lives are more important than department reputations. I am simply trying to do what is right. Please don’t treat me like the criminal for trying to ensure a dangerous man doesn’t keep walking free. I need you to understand that as a young child I had my psyche brutally ripped apart & have spent my life, where I can, putting the pieces back together again. And I am one of the lucky ones, most who go through what I have don’t survive, the pain is too much. This is not easy for me at all to keep reliving this in order to repeatedly try & get justice done. Justice should have been done a long time ago.

Again I implore you, for the sake of others, take this man off the streets so the community is protected, investigate his crimes so those who have suffered can get answers & closure. For the sake of others please act.

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