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My mothers hell

This is but a snippet of what my mother had to endure for just one period when she was pregnant with my younger brother. she already had my older brother & I. We were around 4 & 6 at the time. That Mum is alive today is nothing but a miracle. Her survival is a testimony to her strength. It didn’t even matter if Mum was pregnant, Dad would still bash her.

The following is from some of mum’s writing. I have taken snippets to give an idea of what she went through.

“I was constantly sick from being pregnant. Dick gave me a kicking in the lower back when I was cleaning his shoes one day. He had his shoes on at the time, and I also had to shave him, comb his hair & lay out his clothes every day. I was like his personal valet and everything had to be perfect or he’d punish me. Later that day, when I was trying to lift Doug up into a bus, my bowel ruptured and I had to manage to get back home. I was in absolute pain but had to push everything back in and hope for the best. I had no money for a doctor and was embarrassed to tell anyone what had happened.”

We froze at Griffith too. We couldn’t handle the cold weather and were not equipped with warm clothing etc. My family kept in touch via a P.O. Box number that I had secretly obtained for two pounds that I had saved for ages out of my child endowment. It was the only way I could have mail from them, otherwise Dick would confiscate it before I got it. It was my only link with the real world & sanity”.

“He left me & the kids in the house without any money or support. I went into labour at 6 months & again at 7 months, but each time it stopped. I was totally alone. … We were literally starving, the three of us, and under a huge amount of stress and fear from Dick, who kept us totally controlled with his power. He kept taking off for Sydney … ”

“I wrote to the address Dick had given me at Enfield, asking for money or help, to come back or to help us. I was almost due to have the baby, and we were penniless & alone”.

“I went into labour soon after getting to Val’s place and Dick drove me to the hospital where I was admitted straight away. It was just awful, he just left me at the door and drove away with the boys. He never returned & abandoned us all. The hospital staff could not believe I never had any prenatal care at all during my pregnancy”.

“My poor little baby was born and had so many things wrong with him …”

“After a week the social worker finally rang Vals number at work to let her know what was happening and she came & got me. Dick had never told her I was in hospital”.

During all this period Dad worked on and off, was well fed & had a car to get around. After Dad deserted us he was eventually caught and arrested for abandoning us & put into jail for a brief period.

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