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When the police were told his name they were not interested in helping

It was the early 90s. My younger sister & her partner at the time & their young son had decided to visit Dad in Nowra where he was living I think in a caravan park. My sister had been spared the worst of Dad’s behavior as he was around a lot less for when they she was there. She by no means escaped unscathed. Anyway she was excited about being a Mum & proudly wanted to show her son to Dad.

They traveled to Nowra & on arrival they met Dad & a woman and her two young kids at the caravan park. Dad informed my sister & her partner that they were to be married. My sister was taken aback. At some stage during the proceedings my sister & the woman were in the bathroom together chatting, as women do. Sis pulled her aside & informed her about what Dad was really like & a bit of his history with Mum. Unbeknown to the two of them he was standing outside the toilets listening in to the conversation.

As they exited the toilets Dad was waiting. He ended up bashing into the woman & then went after my sister, her partner & son who ran for their lives. They kept hiding but would see him cruising the streets in his car looking for them. They were petrified. Eventually they managed to get to Bomaderry Railway Station where they managed to phone Nowra police.

They advised Nowra police what had gone on, that they were in hiding and fearful for their lives. Nowra police were quite concerned and said theyd be there right away to pick them up. The police then asked what Dad’s name was & upon telling them, the Police said sorry not interested, not getting involved. That was it. Why is my father protected? I forget how they got home to Sydney but it was a miracle they wern’t hurt. For the police to leave them at risk, particularly when they had a young child with them is criminal. And yet again another example of a dangerous criminal being given free range by the police.


This is article 10. Please read the preceding 9 to see how a murderer, rapist, assaulter, pedophile etc has for most of his life stayed free & amongst the community with children, able to re-offend at will. The Premier of NSW Barry OFarrell has been repeatedly contacted about this I am awaiting his response. I have also contacted the NSW Police Homicide Squad, and no response.

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