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The Lindsay McLeod case

Have you ever heard of an attempted murder case where the police were so desperate to convict (frame) a man which the victim was emphatically & adamantly claiming was innocent. A man who came to the aid of the victim, called the ambulance & police and whose accent was totally different to that of the attackers.

Have you ever heard of an attempted murder case where evidence is put forward of a suspect who was a psychopath who had a previous history of murder, rape & pedophilia. This suspect was a womaniser who also had a hatred of women. This suspect had worked with & the husband & in all knew his wife & when she would be home alone. The place of work where the husband & the suspect worked was close to where the victim lived. Yet the police were not only not interested in this suspect or evidence of his previous criminal behaviour but went out of their way to ignore it when sent to them and also try and disqualify the evidence that was brought and discredit the integrity of the person that brought it.

Now what if you put the above two scenarios together. Why would the Police go out of their way to convict and imprison an innocent man whilst try in every way possible not to investigated a psychopathic rapist & killer who was connected to the victim.

The man who police charged and imprisoned was a loving husband who had no criminal record, no motive to try and kill his wife & child and was at work at the time. When he found his battered wife & son after coming home from work he called the police & ambulance & cradled them in his arms.

The suspect the police went out of their way to ignore was a lying, cheating married man who had repeatedly bashed & attempted to murder his own wife ( one time by strangling), He had been involved in the murder of others, The evidence given to police minister Ryan about this man was;

The attempted murder of Pamela McLeod Lyndsay at Sylvania in 1964. This man worked briefly with Alexander McLeod Lyndsay at Sylvania Hotel as a batman. He knew Pamela McLeod Lyndsay was alone at night when her husband worked. He knew where they lived, had been to their house in Sylvania. He believed she was leading him on. He believed that “she got what she deserved because she was a slut”

The innocent husband was jailed but was was released on appeal after serving 9 years , that 9 fucking years behind bars. The police still say they don’t know who the attempted murderer was yet despite given all the evidence they still protect the psychopath – my father from both investigation & prosecution. Why? And this is far from the only time he has been protected by the police.

The evidence I provided the Homicide squad in 1996 was much briefer & part of a point long list of murders, assaults, rapes & pedophilia that I had evidence my father either admitted to, committed, or was associated with. I wrote;

Sylvania attempted murder, Dad worked at the same place as husband. Commented something to the nature of the bitch deserved it.

Yet the homicide squad detective who came to my door & saw me in at their offices offered me no assistance, wanted no further contact and wanted me hypnotised to invalidate my testimony. Why?

An updated statement I have been able to obtain regarding the case McLeod Lindsay case is as follows;

This was about the same time as the brutal attempted murder of Pamela McLeod Lyndsay in Sylvania which was September 1964. I remember being surprised about his response when I read about it in the newspaper and the police were looking for the person responsible and he spat out “she’s just a fucking slut. She deserves what she got.” He said she cheated on her husband, like all women cheat on their husbands. I thought it was a co-incidence that Alexander McLeod Lindsay worked at the pub at Sylvania where Dick worked briefly and where he used to drink”

I need to make note here that the claims Dad made about Mrs McLeod Lyndsay are spurious. He made the same comments repeatedly about my mother & she was always to my knowledge faithful to him. It’s quite likely she could have refused to have sex with him & so he threatened and then bashed her. If she had consented to his sexual demands there would have been no reason for him to attack.

The question is why did the police so vehemently go after an innocent man insistent on jailing him whilst so determinedly try and prevent the investigation of a psychopath & discredit a witness who had significant evidence about that psychopath? Why are the police protecting perpetrators whilst trying to criminalise innocent people?


This is one post in a long list of many. Please read the other posts before and after this as there is a lot, lot more to what my father has done and serious questions as to why he remains free

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