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The system is broken – whilst the criminals walk free, the victims get life sentences

The system is broken

Whilst the often violent, sickening perpetrators who sexually abuse young & innocent children walk free, their victims get life sentences.

This is the appalling way it is for most victims of pedophilia.

In the week that I have gone public about my own experiences many have come to me telling me of theirs. In a few days just from those I know I have been told of over a dozen cases of childhood sexual abuse. I pulled out the day before court as the police told them they wouldn’t win. 2 went to court and lost. Another is about to go to court a second time. The rest try and block it out and move on. I remember when I originally spoke to the local police station about my abuse. The constable said to me, if it was him he wouldn’t report it. How’s that for justice in action. Hows that for protecting the perpetrators. The homicide squad wanted to ruin my testimony and now they wont respond to me. The police commissioner wasn’t interested. The criminals are the ones in power.

Often the key that sets victims free, that re-empowers them and lets them feel safe, that helps them to finally progress with their own lives is to see their perpetrators incarcerated for their horrific crimes. But the state will not have this as the perpetrators may not get justice.

So typically the state aids the perpetrators, helps them walk free. But there were no witnesses to what was done to you secret they shout at little kids. Why didn’t you get their DNA naughty little girl while you were being raped they smirked. We can’t have it so anyone can make a claim against innocent perpetrators the State laughs on TV. The hidden epidemic of broken survivors is then locked up back into the shadows, and their life sentences continue. The State is not concerned. We’ve gotta protect our mates the States turn & say to their colleagues after the cameras are turned off. This week the Attorney General Greg Smith did just that and made sure there was no mandatory sentencing of pedophiles. He had no regard for the mandatory sentencing of victims. This is one of Barry O Farrell’s own ministers.

Most people see this & don’t report their abuse because they know they will be worse off if they report it.

The time will come, maybe not in this life, where those responsible for this appalling situation with have to live through the consequences of their actions. Most cultures, most religions & a huge amount of research talks about a life review after we die where we live through the pain that we have inflicted on others or live the good that we have bestowed upon them. In this life there is also the destruction of their soul. I have seen it in my father & other perpetrators where they cannot live with themselves & so become fractured, bit by bit. Constantly lying to themselves about their horrific crimes, at a very deep level living in fear about being caught, but that fear becomes their own prison. Moments of so called pleasure result in a lifetime of destruction.

And so perpetrators don’t get help & reoffend. Victims are given life sentences for their pain by the system. And the State pays people obscene amounts to maintain this appalling scenario & then they call it justice.

NSW rejects mandatory jail for pedophiles

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