The world as we know it

The scourge of the greens & the heinous environmental movement.

There is no difference between the Globalists, the banksters, the environmentalists, the multinationals, the dictators etc. With all it is the desperate greed for money & power, the insatiable appetite to control other people’s lives, all we are promised for our good.

Even now we see the watermelon environmentalists campaign against the capitalists, yet they are guilty of far worse abuses to the planet. Consider the following;

The biofuel disaster that pushed over 100 million into poverty & hunger, huge numbers dying because farmland was replaced with crops to grow for a fuel that emitted more CO2 than fossil fuels.

The mandatory fluorescent light bulb environmental disaster that spreads toxic mercury everywhere, into our homes, our suburbs, into our communities. How long before this ticking time bomb goes off?

The silent spring DDT ban that killed around 300 million people who may have otherwise not died of malaria.

The windfarm lies & thievery that enriched the greens friends for an unreliable & obscenely expensive Form of energy that caused normally cheap heating prices to skyrocket causing millions to go into fuel poverty and tens of thousands to die.

The global warming fraud that sought to redistribute the worlds wealth under the fraud of a warming world whilst the suns sunspot numbers plummet and cold awaits. Over $1 trillion has been spent on the manufactured & fabricated lie of AGW – enough money to alleviate poverty in the world.

There has been no worse scourge than the modern environmental movement whose hatred of humanity combined with its own messianic status has caused more suffering, killed more lives and done more environmental damage than any preceding belief system on the planet. Whilst they hold themselves up as saviours, eager to stop by any means possible any perceived abuses against the planet they themselves have committed the most heinous crimes of all.

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We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in. Thomas Paine

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