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The Krudd Juliar ALP disaster

If there was anything that typified the appalling self interest of the  ALP it has been the ALP election campaign.

Announced by Gillard 9 months ahead of time to avoid by elections and shore up her position, with the ABC fully in tow flouting their charter to be impartial, to the knifing of Gillard by KRudd as a payback for the knifing of Krudd by Gillard, to Krudds delaying the election when finally reinstated in power, to the ALP campaign launch 1 week before election day so as to maximise the funding the ALP can get from the taxpayers.

Like the whole dysfunctional era of ALP government it is an example and exercise in self seeking gravy train entitlement and abuse of power of the worst kind. No wonder the voters are furious. No wonder the Australian people are sick of the stench of the ALP. And while the ALP spend millions (that should have been spent on public services), on blame and smear you think wouldn’t it have simply been better, easier and more prudent to do the one thing that mattered – to simply govern credibly.

But that task, what political parties are elected for, seemed far, far beyond them. ALP/Union path is much better to damage the country for self interest and then lie, blame & smear to save face.

Taking out the ALP trash cant come quick enough.

Even the left leaning press has had enough

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We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in. Thomas Paine

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