The world as we know it

The media age is over

The credibility of the lamestreammedia media is in tatters & it’s has no one to blame but itself. Once a vocal and independent voice against political corruption and a defender of the rights of the people it has succumbed to the three headed beast of a socialist takeover of journalistic education, addicted to government advertising revenues with the consequential influence that has on its editorial, and a pervading elitism where journalists feel they know better than the public, with their behaviour becoming like teenage girls, drooling unchecked over any left wing pollie they can form even a distant acquaintance with.

Newspapers, like free to air TV are as a consequence seeing subscriptions plummet and viewers walk away en masse. Whilst they delude themselves into believing there is more competition, the reality is they are no longer worth people’s time, and there are much, much better voices of reason now available. Also news is now simply infotainment where Kim Kardashian rates newsworthy and front page whilst attacks on our constitution are ignored completely.

The biggest most recent crime the lamestreammedia has inflicted upon the populace is its unapologetic, shrieking, hyperventilating global warming scare plastered across front pages worldwide whilst it vilified and denigrated any voice of reason who tried to point out that it was simply a huge money laundering scam, entrenching more and more power in fewer and fewer hands. So the media let the global warming fraud run amok unchecked across its pages and screens for decades, even while reality diverged increasingly so from its ridiculous predictions. And yet whilst the real threat of solarcycle24 rolls on, potential for global cooling to deepen, the lamestreammedia still refuses to take a baseball bat to the warmist policies that increase fuel poverty and are causing the beginning of a globalist government induced cold genocide.

And as the years roll on the groupthink of the lamestreammedia media becomes more and more out of touch with the pervading opinions of the masses. Their fake moralism and lefty high ground elitism is at odds with the masses demanding greater democracy, greater accountability & transparency of government and greater input from the people. When was the last time you heard the media object to the foreign power, the UN, and their silent takeover of our government policies and laws. where has there been the scrutiny and accountability whilst by stealth our national laws are replaced subversively with laws we were neither made aware of or been given adequate input into.

Many like me wouldn’t buy a newspaper anymore, turn off the TV, and find more accurate, interesting and thoughtful opinion from independent thinkers, bloggers and tweeters now available online. There is a growing army fed up with the corruption in the media and the government, who are sick of being told how to think, who are sick of being treated like sheople to the rulers who should simply and only be governing by and for the people. The media age as we know it is over. The media killed itself by becoming ineffectual, useless & self serving. As the global warming fraud dies a horrible death the stench from it will remind us for a long time to come of the massive failures of a media once admired, but now sickening and despised.

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2 Responses

  1. The Village Idiot (Reformed) says:

    It is to be hoped the the new LNP government places most of its advertising with NewsCorp, as against Fairfax Media. My reasoning is not so that it supports Rupert Murdoch and his journaists, but that it does not waste taxpayers’ money on a small readership which would generally not utilise the advertised services.

    Most inner city elite from Sydney and Melbourne, the vast majority of people who read the SMH or Age, do not receive the Family Tax Benefit. Nor do they know recent refugees as they don’t settle in areas frequented by the latte/chardonnay set.

    • twawki says:

      Though fairfax has vastly more publications the people are not buying or reading them. Murdoch is appealing to the majority. However all news brands should take political parties to task yet most just seem puppets to globalism.

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