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Twitter’s vilification of the right

There has been a lot of talk about deposed PM Gillard’s abusive behaviour towards the media including threats & preferential treatment. Gillard went ballistic when the media started investigating her past, which ultimately could see her jailed if you read michaelSmithNews blog.

On the preferential treatment side it would seem Twitter is fast getting a record as being one of Gillard’s and the Left’s one eyed fans, tolerating the most vitriolic, sickening & appalling abuse from her twitter followers whose abuse is directed at her detractors, whilst suspending any of Gillard’s and the Left’s twitter detractors for minor infringements, If not spurious grounds but typically unreasonable grounds. The chasm between treatment by Twitter of those from the left and right on twitter couldn’t be more stark.

For example Pollter runs the story about @PMOpressoffice (Prime Ministers Office Press Office when Gillard was in power), who has the following account @AshGhebranius contracted to them. @AshGhebranious tweets;


Even more appalling, when Politer sought a response from the Greens on the vitriolic abuse the greens response was;



Seems the Greens as usual are more interested in sides than integrity.

Some more of Ash’s tweets;




Why is it those of the Left whose shrill cries of victim are heard if anyone even looks at them sideways but the Left’s abuse of others far exceeds even the worst acts of their opponents. And why does Twitter actively tolerate & support this appalling behaviour by the Left online whilst unfairly and unreasonably vilifying those who oppose it. It’s all on record Twitter & you have a lot of explaining to do.


In many cases requests for an explanation from twitter as to why accounts were terminated were ignored.




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