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The insidious march towards climate communism

The insidious march towards climate communism

Serious questions remain for the LNP about the Turnbull takeover. Firstly, why was a hard left, egotistical & dictatorial member of the party, who represented ALP views, elected as the new leader of a conservative  party – especially when there were many more viable alternative conservative choices for leadership? It was a total betrayal of party policy and a betrayal of the millions of people who had voted for the LNP in the recent federal election. After the LNP disgust & outrage over Gillard being an unelected PM without the peoples consent, the LNP then knowingly stoop to the same level as the ALP and that appallingly with an ALP Trojan horse. When Abbott won the last election on a mandate of a no carbon tax why was Turnbull, who crossed the floor to support a carbon tax chosen when he is the most unlikely and unsuitable leader of the LNP? Why was Turnbull, a failed opposition leader, who was clearly NOT wanted by the party faithful, installed as leader expressly against the known, clear & absolute wishes of the vast majority of the voters who supported the LNP? For these points alone the LNP has demonstrated this week it clearly does NOT govern for those conservatives in this country or those conservatives who voted it in.

Secondly when it was blatantly obvious the smear job that was being done on Abbott since he beat Turnbull, why did his fellow politicians fail to stand by Abbott and support him? Yes we heard the pathetic, cowardly, lying meme that Abbott was failing in the polls, that Abbott wasn’t good at delivery, that Abbott this & that, But all that was a blatant lie, one simply used to placate the electorate, and a lousy excuse appealing to perceived popularism in order to install a devil the people didn’t vote for. 

As part of this process the utterly sickening, repulsive media in this country never gave Abbott a chance & never gave up smearing him, despising him and ruthlessly mocking him. Their hatred & vitriol was unrelenting & for this alone Australians must punish the media in the harshest most absolute way possible for the longest time they can. The media have demonstrated with absolute clarity they have no regard for the truth or the Australian people’s wishes. Whilst we have felt powerless through their nauseating diatribes the best way possible to savage their ruthless & manipulative power is to utterly, totally and permanently refuse to buy any product that is advertised on their vacuous TV channels or in their repulsive papers. 

The LNP behavior only gets worse. Why was the process to install Turnbull so rushed? It was a rushed process primarily because last time they tried to oust Abbott & install Turnbull the Liberal Party faithful got on the phone, emailed, dropped into their local representatives & made it absolutely clear they did NOT want Turnbull & would resign from the party if he was made leader. There was, has been and never will be any doubt in the minds of ALL LNP politicians that Turnbull was absolutely, definitely & totally not wanted by the liberal party membership as the leader of the party. Turnbull & Bishop backed down then & waited for a more opportune time, this week, and done it in such haste that there was no time for we the people to engage or to express our outrage to them prior to the vote, effectively completely and utterly shutting down any sense of democracy within the party. The act of LNP politicians silencing their own members before the spill is the most appalling act, doing it to install a leader that was clearly not wanted is utterly repulsive.

The Nationals likewise, rather than waiting for their conference in a weeks time, have signed up with Turnbull overnight again removing the right of the people for any democratic process or input. The rush to exclude we the people in any meaningful way makes them just as bad if not worse than the liberals. Do they expect us to believe that they would renegotiate a deal overnight where they reputedly got an extra $4 billion in bribes or is it more believable that this has been planned to precision in horse trading behind closed doors where the voice of Australian voters is not just ignored but purposely silenced. Where is the democracy in being told after the fact what has been decided?

And yet it gets worse. We are now told they just want to move on and heal. After excluding the very people that supported them and voted them in they now want to whitewash the whole sickening episode & further reinforce their refusal to be either accountable or transparent to the electorate. Really, you the LNP have just utterly betrayed your voter base & their known wishes in the most deceptive, manipulative & subversive way, betraying in action all the principles as the party you claimed to champion. Understandably to most people all you represent now is utter filth.  

If there is anything good that has come out of this is that the traitors have made themselves known. Yet while publicly trying to whitewash their own actions and images, crying crocodile tears on camera, showing false remorse as they go on behaving in the same way doing whatever they please, making decisions in private & treating Australia like mushrooms. I get the feeling if we all let them just get on with THEIR job they would be a lot happier.  Problem is they are doing their job, not the job we elected them to do. Which of them objected, which  of them spoke out, which of them stood up for the rights of the people to have a say or a voice?. As a further insult even now they cowardly refuse to acknowledge who of them supported turncoat Turnbull in the ‘secret’ ballot thereby demonstrating their ongoing refusal for accountability & transparency to all Australians.

People deserve to be furious as these scumbags quickly try and move on as though we the people are simply collateral damage to their actions. The LNP have demonstrated they are no different to the ALP in action, speech and appallingly now policy too. The duopoly of Australian politics has hit rock bottom, both parties like the media deserve to go extinct. Yet they naively expect us to believe that having a 

So here we are with a unwanted bankster, NWO puppet as Prime Minister, installed not by the popular vote but by those who claim to champion democracy. What a joke. The hollow men & women of the LNP should hang their heads in shame. If you naively expect that ol turncoat will do your bidding you are more stupid than you have demonstrated by action this week to be. And stop treating the people as idiots, you were elected to represent us, not discard us. You clearly and absolutely know we don’t want a carbon tax, an ETS or any other globalist tax that thieves power & wealth from the hands of Australians, and gives it to some unelected, unaccountable jerk in the UN in Brussels. That is treason. It is betrayal. It is acting in the interests of our enemies and for that we will severely punish you.


Conservative representation has been continuously under assault in Australia in recent years. Windsor & Oakeshott portrayed themselves as conservatives to win office in their areas, then declared their true socialist tendencies after election intentionally subverting much of the direction Australia wanted. Krudd did the same when he campaigned as John Howard lite in the Kevin 07 deception only to turn out to be a UN wannabe throwing tens of millions of our money at the globalist causes to bribe his future UN ambitions. Gillard lied about a carbon tax then brought one in. Turnbull pretends to be conservative but is anything but. While the majority of those in this country vote for a conservative government, political liars & thieves like those above have no problem deceiving the public to gain positions of power to achieve their own subversive socialist & NWO ends. Turnbull is the epitome of that behavior & the LNP, regardless of how they assure us in public he will be fine, have just given the socialist devil a free pass & that from the controlling position of their party.

The socialist side of politics repeatedly demonstrates it will stoop to any level to forward it ugly and destructive ideals & courtesy of the duplicity of LNP actions we are now cursed to see that sadly at its most destructive level yet with Turnbull. The Paris climate conference isn’t that far away so the NWO clock is firmly ticking.

We were warned of this


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