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To the LNP faithful

To the LNP ‘faithful’   

Note – Turncoat is the name given to Malcolm Turnbull in this piece. 

To the LNP faithful – many of you are now crying foul because many LNP members & voters are choosing to follow their consciences & leave the LNP because against their clearly known wishes the party has elected the insidious & subversive left wing bankster Malcolm Turnbull to lead their right wing party. Worse they installed him intentionally so quickly to ensure that the members & voters had no time to democratically express their fury & outrage as they had previously done (that’s why).  

To the LNP faithful – who want to win the next election I say this – you now have a left wing leader of your right wing party without an election. Do you understand the gravity of that? The Left have won already, they now have Left wing leadership of both sides of politics in this country and the implications of that are horrendously clear – the right wing voice and power is further silenced while that of the left doubly promoted with little obstruction. They don’t need an election now to further their ideals.

To the LNP faithful – Installing the opposition into your leadership could have no other consequence than to rip the party apart – and yet over half your representatives have intentionally allowed that to happen. How many voters would desert the ALP if Tony Abbott got elected as their leader? It’s not rocket science. Turncoats election has reasonably & understandably ripped your party to shreds, the Left are shrieking with laughter at how utterly, utterly stupid your party has been by putting him in power. Turncoat was known to undermine truly conservative Abbott at every term & this is how your party rewarded someone so destructive and deceitful – put him in control. Things will only get worse not better. 

To the LNP faithful who cry we must win the election – don’t you get it, the left don’t need an election now, they win either way as they now control both sides of politics. Yes they can play the election game to keep you entertained but they now have their man where they need – as your leader. Your party claims they will keep Turncoat honest, acknowledging they are fully aware of his duplicity – wow so electing Turncoat as leader means your party has to use a huge amount of time and energy ensuring he doesn’t act like the opposition that he is – CRAZY. Imagine how much insider knowledge he can now easily leak to the ALP & media. That’ll keep even the unwilling troops of your side in line.

To the LNP faithful – the Left have and will use both sides of politics to further their ends . You have clearly seen this in recent years in this Country. The Left will pose as conservatives to get elected (eg Krudd, Oakeshott & Windsor etc) then use those powerful positions to wreak havoc on the right wing voice, redirect funds into left wing coffers & put left wing people in strategic positions of power. They will lie about wanting conservative policies (eg Gillard & Turncoat) simply to get elected, then ditch them after they are in power. The plants like Turncoat purposeful, intentional and repeatedly have and will continue to destroy the right wing influence and voice in politics in this country. (Oakeshott & Windsor denied the LNP Government one election then blocked policy after policy). Why do you blindly expect conniving Turncoat to be any different? He is yet another one in a long line of lying, treasonous traitors from the Left proven to use any means to destroy the Right. He’s even previously crossed the floor right in front of you to advance the Lefts ideology and now your party stupidly of all things makes him leader & blindly expects it to be for the good of the party. Well the party is now half the party that it used to be. That worked out well – NOT! 

The Left are openly congratulating Turncoat on his win – don’t you get it, while you refuse to accept reality they are openly acknowledging what’s going on. Did it ever occur to you Abbott was despised and vilified simply because he was a true conservative and yet for that the party of all things dumped him, vindictively & spitefully 3 days before he would have been entitled to a PMs pension. Turncoat (like Gillard did) is now placing his pawns in all the appropriate positions of power to continue the Lefts goal of totalitarian control (it’s a socialist’s wet dream). Paris is in December and under Turncoat Australia will be a signatory one way or another even if it’s secretly or subversively & if he has his way carbon credits will be traded ASAP in this country. Turncoats been asked numerous times how he will profit from this but he refuses to answer. Now with Turncoat at the helm its no surprises the republic movement is openly relaunching. The media as puppets of the NWO are again mounting pressure for a carbon tax to be reintroduced while loving it up to Turncoat who will not receive the vilification any genuine right wing leader would cop. Everything is going to perfectly to their plan. You fell for the lies they indoctrinated you with.  Turncoat at the right time will be ‘pressured’ to follow his true left wing ideals while pretending to be right. All of this blatantly in plain sight of you.

So yes party faithful you will probably get Turncoat winning the next election that you have sacrificed the party’s principles for, but no, it won’t be for a right wing party – it will be for the center left LNP, there in name but definitely not in right wing spirit. Australia will be sold out to the globalist carbon tax it so decisively rejected at the last recent election.  Your goal of winning the election by sacrificing what the party stood for has ensured the LNP brand will be one that no one with any right wing principles or conscience would want to go near let alone vote for.


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  1. den2114 says:

    No Our Family Will never put Turnbull or his 54 termites back into government ever again Australian Liberty Alliance is a party for Australians by Australians keeping our values is paramount to all Australians plus the Liberal party has lost its credibility Integrity and ethics it’s now along the same standard as the Labor party and who Would want representatives with no Ethics or Intergrity they ignored the Australian people for their own egos and career moves

  2. den2114 says:

    They have put an answer up on their web site under FAQ long explanation just all the answers

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