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I have a passion. A passion to see the environmental movement return to its true roots – that of listening to the environment. Its seems we currently have an environmental movement that is non environmental – its more interested in activism and socialism than actually listening to nature. Where environmentalists put more trust in the science fiction of computer modeling than of listening to and looking at the natural cycles that have existed since time immemorial. Where environmentalists have a hatred of humanity rather than embracing humanity as an intrinsic part of nature. Where they fail to see the good man can do and how we as a race can be just as healing and empowering as we can be destructive. Where environmentalists see the solution is to take control of man, Former Colorado Sen. Tim Wirth summed up this view succinctly: “We’ve got to ride the global-warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing – in terms of economic policy and environmental policy.” I see the solution is for nature to empower man and get man to work with and empower nature.

I have a passion and it is nature. Seven years ago I resolved to move to the country and be part of the natural cycles once again. My body was showing the strains of modern living – chronic fatigue, eating what for the most part could no longer be called food, allergies, autoimmune disorders etc. To have a future I realised I needed to get back to whole food, eating what I grew, being part of the natural cycles and getting the quality of life that I had lost and in the process regaining my health. I had given too many other people responsibility for my well being, I had entrusted the supermarkets with my food supply – but rather than getting angry I got motivated. For four years I devoured books on the subject of farming, organics, permaculture and the like, expanded my library and refined my focus. I listened to what spoke to me and applied it. I did courses in straw bale building, pasture rejuvenation, organics, water management and the like. And so my awareness grew.

3 years ago I started looking for land. There had to be good soil – basalt if possible, and good rainfall. I also wanted four definite seasons so I could enjoy the constant changing parade of nature – the joy of life in spring, the wonderful colours of autumn, the hibernation and cold winter snows and the summer fields of golden grasses. I love cycles. I cast my net over a coastal area about a thousand kilometers long but no where I looked felt right for me until I saw the area of Crookwell in the NSW Southern Highlands (Australia). It was a perfect fit, synchronicity enabled it to happen and this overgrazed basalt and granite 80 acres with spring fed dams became a new beginning for me, initially very part time.

The journey through these years enabled me to feed my passion of research and learning. Being mostly based in Sydney with my kids I abandoned the tv and embraced the net, learning about sun cycles, sea levels, ice caps, earth cycles and the like. What I came to realise was that the earth was not behaving like we were being led to believe, the environment was telling a different story to the environmentalists. I came to understand and appreciate the natural cycles, to look at circadian rhythms and see how the pulse of the sun and the earth is so intrinsically tied in with the pulse of our bodies and existence. We all exist as one – when they change, so do we, so does all life on this planet.

And then something happened, something quite remarkable and definitely life changing – but not just for me but for all humanity. The sun changed its behavior! Its quite extraordinary to think of this ball of fire in the sky a million times the size of the earth and growing, that has sun flares so big the earth could easily pass through the loops of them. If we look at the sun when a cloud passes in front of the sun the temperature can change below by up to 8 degrees Celsius and when half the earth embraces that sunless period called night, temperatures can drop up to 20 degrees Celsius or more. We ignore the sun at our peril. The sun however is not constant in its output, it also goes through natural cycles, smaller ones typically of around 11 years where its surface goes from being very active and warmer and covered in sunspots to being very quiet and cooler with only a few sunspots. What was it that happened to the sun that was and is so momentous? It stopped (well almost) producing sunspots.

Well to be more correct Solar Cycle 23 peaked and then ramped down and hit solar minimum (where there are few sunspots) but instead of ramping up to the next cycle 24 it has flat lined and kept on being almost virtually spotless since. This almost blank streak is now in its third year, quite unusual, in fact this hasn’t happened for over a century or longer. Historically speaking when this has happened previously the earth has cooled and at times quite remarkably so. In the middle ages we had what was called the maunder minimum where the sun became devoid of sunspots, we had what they called the mini ice age and temperatures plummeted, ice expanded, growing seasons failed and the environment faced vastly different conditions that resulted in decline in life across most life forms – including man.

So here we stand as they say at the end of the ages – we have an environmental movement that says the sun does not affect us, they say the debate we never had is over and so they refuse discussion on the issue. They claim the world has got a fever which we man has caused though they cant prove it. Their solution to this imaginary fever is to control and regulate us into oblivion because they feel we have been bad, need to be punished and controlled. They also believe they are the ones to take control of the rest of us.

Yet the environment is saying quite the opposite. It says the sun affects every aspect of life on this planet, minute changes in the sun have massive consequences here. Whether its plant growth or growing seasons or snow falls or temperature fluctuations. The reality is the globe hasn’t warmed for over a decade now with scientists saying at least another 2 decades of cooling ahead – potentially deep cooling depending on how long the sun extends its spotless streak. The oceans are cooling also as there is less incoming heat to store and they are releasing a lot of the heat they have.  Once this is done, as the oceans modulate our climate the cooling that has begun will deepen, dangerously so as cooling is much more destructive than warming. Our growing seasons are starting to shorten with the consequence of reduced food production. Snow cover is increasing, record cold is being observed and the poles are in fact growing – despite claims and alarmism of the opposite.

As someone who cares for the environment and sees man as an intrinsic part of the environment I can have no part of those who are scaring the world to prepare for warming when the cooling has already begun. I seek not to control people but to empower them, to be factual rather than alarmist,  I want to listen to the environment and not ignore it like the environmentalists do. To listen to the world as we know it is the true basis of real environmentalism. So I hereby start a new movement – TWAWKI (the world as we know it) is the NEW green!

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