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Hide the decline – this time in France

As Chiefio goes through auditing the data its seems that yet again the alarmists claims are exposed as fraud!

We saw the France Monthly Anomalies chart in the Europe Atlantic Coastal series. It shows France dropping steadily in temperature anomalies until about 1990. Then we get a sudden “Hockey Stick” to get us back up to Zero. A nice “head fake” and we can rapidly “Hide The Decline”.

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California dream a nightmare!

From Craig Emerson in The Australian

It’s no coincidence that the government of the world’s seventh largest economy is almost broke and is strangling small business. When California’s politicians run out of taxpayers’ money to spend on their programs, they turn to regulation to indulge their social and environmental engineering obsessions. The attraction of regulation is that, unlike budget spending, its cost is usually hidden.

Hollywood’s economic script is one Australia must never adopt“.

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The rise of ecofascism

I love the environment. I recycle, compost, minimise consumption, am against toxins and love enjoying the natural world in which we live. At the end of this year I will be moving to the country to live on my farm which I bought a few years ago. Already I have planted 500 trees (my goal is 10,000) I will build a straw bale residence by the end of this year that is totally self sufficient. I have been also getting the farm slowly set up with permaculture and organic gardens and want to live a life totally intertwined with nature. So why is it I cant stand the environmental movement?

Well for one they consume so much of our money and resources and yet what they churn out is simply fat green bureaucracy. Most are on fat incomes, running fat departments with fat wads of our taxes.There is no value for money, very little put back into the environment and no accountable for what they spend.

Secondly most have an elitist attitude and most treat the rest of humanity like sh*t. Like Al Bore they go around preaching guilt and salvation yet live ostentatiously as though they are somehow exempt from the draconian measures they insist the rest of us ‘disgusting’ plebs should abide by. They morally believe they are superior and believe that as humanity doesnt have a brain then it is their responsibility to assume power and regulate how the rest of us live our lives. As they are better democracy is something that they oppose!

Thirdly true environmentalism is about empowering people and increasing freedoms for people to be environmental. Yet taxing us into poverty will do the complete opposite and disempower how we interact with the environment. Instead their ecosocialist laws will channel our hard earned incomes into their bloated pockets only to be wasted on more bureaucracy. The modern environmental movement brings with it enslavement to carbon taxes, green tape, encumbrances, road blocks and Their typically sanctimonious self righteous eco outlook only enslaves others.

Fourthly – as humans we are part of the environment and we are not a disease as most environmentalists like to brand us. Whilst parts of humanity are responsible for evils there are many success stories out there that are too politically incorrect for the eco elitists to mention and too inconvenient for their beliefs on green hell.

Fifthly the history of the environmental movement is one of lies, misleading the public, refusing debate, refusing free speech, alarmism, censorship, manipulation and abuse. In order to push their AGW scam they have behaved like criminals and also slandered anyone who even had an honest question let alone a different opinion. They have refused transparency, refused to be audited and used their self imposed positions of power corruptly to maintain a status quo where they are beyond being questioned.

So as I relocate to my farm I don’t want any rabid environmentalists around me, who tell me the sun is of no impact, that natural cycles are now trumped by their green theology, that I must pay them for the guilt of my humanity. No I go there to enjoy the smell of the flowers, enjoy the fresh nutritious food from the soil, to live without toxins, poisons or pesticides, to care for the land and the animals around me and enjoy being part of this world. I also go there to get away from the big green corporates and their flash city offices which house the rotting compost that is the modern environmental movement.

From Ecofascism“Three score and seven years ago the United Nations was founded primarily to advance the interests of English-speaking countries. Now the UN is primarily interested in conducting economic warfare on those countries”.

Environmentalism is fascism

Death by ecofascism

From the Pitchengine; “Your donation to one of the big corporate environmental groups ─ Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, or Natural Resource Defense Council to name a few ─ most likely went to pay for litigation or buying land, but what was the on-the-ground result for conserving anything? How did the cactus ferruginous pygmy owl benefit from your generous donation? How was your dollar used to stop erosion along Arizona’s river ways, or improve water quality along the Colorado River?”

The wrong kind of greenthe Sierra Club was approached in 2008 by the makers of Clorox bleach, who said that if the Club endorsed their new range of “green” household cleaners, they would give it a percentage of the sales. The Club’s Corporate Accountability Committee said the deal created a blatant conflict of interest–but took it anyway. Executive director Carl Pope defended the move in an e-mail to members, in which he claimed that the organization had carried out a serious analysis of the cleaners to see if they were “truly superior.” But it hadn’t.

New ice age?


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Wikipedia censorship continues

Wikipedia continues its censorship of skeptical opinions of climate alarmism but it also seems to be censoring important data of those involved in Climategate. William Connelly again is in the thick of it as they try and erase web memories of Kieth Briffas involvement in CRU.

More here at here at pediawatch

This is far from an isolated incident as you can see here. Quote; “The issue today is one concerning the editing of biographies of one’s enemies and the tactics used by editors generally associated with the pro-AGW side of things.  While this particular debate is not directly climate change related it is illustrative of the mindset and the tactics being employed in that space as well“.

And more here – An anatomy of dishonest editing;

Anyone who works on Wikipedia’s coverage of the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) and Climate Change topics will easily recognize the clear and systemic bias that is at work there“.

As the ongoing whitewash of climategate continues, the ongoing governmental push of climate taxes, the ongoing spread of NGOs (non governmental organisations) and GGOs (global governance organisations) all we are really seeing is the green establishment moving more and more into fortress mentality against the good of society at large.

To pit yourself against the public at large, to try and profit from the public until they are into poverty, to treat the public as though they are a disease that doesn’t have a brain does not fare well for these eco dimwits in positions of power. As their arrogance and eco elitism continue all they are ensuring is that the repercussions against them will be severe and all it will take is a change of power and the status quo for them to be behind bars.

One would have thought the reasonable thing would have been for these green pariahs to come clean but then I guess they have too much money invested in the global warming scam to even consider that!

Archive – The Guardian, Monbiot and green censorship, Climategate whitewash continues, Lying, cheating and defrauding taxpayers are all OK

Apple and amazon censorship, For google censorship and cyber attacks are sensitive topics except when they are the ones censoring! More here at infowars, and PrisonPlanet.

the nutters are in control–of the global warming alarmist agenda

Climategate: the IPCC’s whitewash ‘review’ is the AGW camp’s biggest mistake yet

there seem to be some serious errors and omissions in the report

The money trail behind the screen at Climategate

Prison Planet – Climategate investigation a MONUMENTAL WHITEWASH


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Preparing and adapting to the cold will save us – not building ‘warming’ bureaucracies

From Global Research;

It is safe to say that the wealth of science points to a natural change in our climate, and the entire history of the world and of all humanity supports this hypothesis. Throughout history, as in the earliest African civilizations, it was the ability of different peoples to change and adapt to climate change, which determined their survival as a civilization“.

So whilst we should be working on our ability to adapt and change instead we are being bankrupted by the environmental movement drunk on money and power from their warming scam!

The environment is misunderstood, the environmentalists arnt,

A humorous but honest look at the impact of environmentalists

Whilst the Left claims the right is violent the reality is quite the opposite ….

The stupidity of bureaucrats recorded in the annals of history

Save the planet – scrap democracy

Selling Australia out!


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Preparing and adapting to the cold will save us – not building 'warming' bureaucracies

From Global Research;

It is safe to say that the wealth of science points to a natural change in our climate, and the entire history of the world and of all humanity supports this hypothesis. Throughout history, as in the earliest African civilizations, it was the ability of different peoples to change and adapt to climate change, which determined their survival as a civilization“.

So whilst we should be working on our ability to adapt and change instead we are being bankrupted by the environmental movement drunk on money and power from their warming scam!

The environment is misunderstood, the environmentalists arnt,

A humorous but honest look at the impact of environmentalists

Whilst the Left claims the right is violent the reality is quite the opposite ….

The stupidity of bureaucrats recorded in the annals of history

Save the planet – scrap democracy

Selling Australia out!


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Theres cold in thar hills! Artic easter to blast the UK

From the UK express; “Temperatures over Easter will plummet to as low as minus 11C as winter roars back with a vengeance after a brief thaw earlier this month.

Much of the country will be colder than Moscow all week with the Met Office issuing severe weather warnings that up to 12ins of snow could fall on higher ground”.

Scotland and Northern Ireland buffeted by blizzards, Cyclones and wet for Australia,

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Sky storm

By Merrick Davies. The Cloud Society Appreciation Gallery

Climategate goes back to 1980, The vacuous guardian reveals it’s stupidity again.

Andrew Breitbart interview (www.Breitbart.com, www.BigHollywood.Breitbart.com, www.bigGovernment.com)

on the left leaning dying lamestream media

Climategate whitewash continues

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How to set up an NGO!

With the proliferation of NGOs (Non Government Organisations), especially green/left/global warming ones (see http://www.gdrc.org) you would think becoming an NGO is the easiest get rich quick scheme on the planet today! It really is easy – think of a cause, blame mankind for it, put your hand up as salvation and then lobby government for funding. Fill out the copious paperwork, cry crocodile tears, become an activist for your cause, get your government grants, make the public feel guilty, rake in the money, then live the easy life. If you are unsure just google ‘setting up an NGO’ – here is just a few of the many websites available;

Procedures for setting up an NGO, Setting up an NGO bylaws, Starting an NGO, How to start a successful NGO in 10 steps,

Oh and dont forget to look into charity status – keeps the money flow higher and contributions can be tax deductible! Here’s a look at the NGO food chain;

Have a look at WWF and Greenpeace, NGOs that now rake it in. Big business certainly comes in many many forms even ‘charitable’ ones!

Coming soon – how to set up a GGO (Global Governance Organisation) – then you will be superman! (or woman)

NGOs – the self appointed altruists – “Their arrival portends rising local prices and a culture shock. Many of them live in plush apartments, or five star hotels, drive SUV’s, sport $3000 laptops and PDA’s. They earn a two figure multiple of the local average wage. They are busybodies, preachers, critics, do-gooders, and professional altruists.

Always self-appointed, they answer to no constituency. Though unelected and ignorant of local realities, they confront the democratically chosen and those who voted them into office. A few of them are enmeshed in crime and corruption. They are the non-governmental organizations, or NGO’s”.

Our no sweat moralists

From the comments at Andrew Bolt’s blog;

Good old AusAID, making poverty history in Canberra.

624 of their 732 staff are based in Australia. (732 staff – what are they all doing?)

Between them, they attended 3364 training courses last year – I guess that is one way to spend your time.

144 of them are paid $100,000 or more.

$300,000 went on “community attitudes research”.

But that’s small change….

Working with our whole-of-government partners, AusAID began implementing the International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative ($150 million over three years) and continued implementing the International Forest Carbon Initiative ($200 million over five years).

That’s what I call burning our money.

It’s all there in the appendix to their latest annual report.

Boy on a bike (Reply)
Wed 31 Mar 10 (06:22am)
Or how about this as emailed to me by Ms Dwyer from MP Jenson’s office;

Sent by a fellow sceptic:

Subject: Oxfam – A Tool of Greenpeace’s Global Warming Campaign

If you donate to Oxfam thinking it will go to helping a family,or children, in a third world contry by providing essential services like clean water, sanitation and medicines the think again.

Greenpeace have organised a demonstration and according to Greenpeace’s media release Oxfam is a, if not the, front runner.   This is the Greenpeace item.

“Hi there,

A few weeks ago I sent you an invitation to the Mili-band event which will be taking place at Kingsnorth power station in Kent on 4th July.

Hundreds of people will form a giant human band around the site – the proposed location of the first new coal power station in the UK for 30 years. Together we will send a strong message to Ed Miliband, the government minister in charge of UK climate change policy, that if we want curb our carbon emissions we must stop using dirty coal. Now.

Thanks to all of you who’ve already signed up. For those that haven’t, can I just remind you that this will be a fun, family-friendly day out. After we’ve formed the Mili-band, which will last about an hour, there’ll be a summer fête, complete with stalls, music, and plenty for children to do.

This is a joint event, organised with Oxfam, Christian Aid, National Union of Students, People and Planet, RSPB, Women’s Institute, Woodcraft Folk and the World Development Movement. It’s a very broad coalition, demonstrating the range and depth of national opposition to dirty coal power.

Oxfam is running coaches to the event from a number of cities, but you’ll need to move quickly if you want to secure a seat on one because the last date for booking coach tickets is this Friday, June 19th.

Please come along <http://links.mailing.greenpeace.org/ctt?kn=6&m=33425579&r=MjQ2MzMwOTAzS0&b=0&j=NTE2MDI0MDAS1&mt=1&rt=0> and help send a strong message that we must end our dependence on dirty coal: a clean, low-carbon future is the only way forward.

We’d love to see you there, and any friends you’d like to bring along too.

As always, thanks for your support!”

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Why do scientists feel they need to lie?

From the News Tribune; We’ve witnessed firsthand that climate scientists are not above misleading an entire planet; what makes people think that they’re not above politics? People may or may not be causing climate change, but the scientists promoting the hysteria have been exposed as political activists and are in the same league as tribal priests suggesting that bad behavior causes solar eclipses.

Almost half of IPCC references not even peer reviewed!

Science has attained a position in modern culture that approaches what was formerly reserved for religion. Lets have clean science and honest accounting, Why scientists lie and what to do about it, The corruption of science,

Global warning doctrine a lie

Soylent green on the contradictions of science

‘Post-normal science’ is perfect for climate demagogues — it isn’t science at all

Marc Morano, Climate Depot and Esquire, Dishonesty, lack of transparency and spin, spin, spin, Data collection, sampling error and spurious meanings, The funding plunging continues with spurious and questionable scientific practices, Medieval warming period – part 1, How DO we know?,


Lamestream media losing, losing, losing, Are the left simply foul mouthed?, Al Gore – smoking your money!

BOM – when the press releases don’t match the math!

Big Science

Another climate scare debunked, Climate feedbacks not what we’ve been led to believe, Global warming obituary and post mortem,

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Lamestream Media

The lamestream media continues to mislead the public by being global warming alarmism advocates, often suppressing relevant information (such as Climategate), giving very limited press to skepticism about AGW whilst at the same time lavishing their front pages presenting climate alarmism opinion as fact. One wonders as they continue this appalling practice of censorship and bias whether they realise they are simply hastening their own demise and destroying their credibility at the same time. As their bias is often to ridicule anything not of the left they clearly expose where their allegiances lie. As the ‘big media’ continues to get bad press for the way they have abandoned investigative journalism and embraced cookie cutter, ‘fast food’ journalism and junk science they seem to sit there oblivious, thinking they are untouchable all the while their readership plummets and people switch to the vastly increasing array of more credible alternatives found on the internet.

In recent days the ABC’s appalling left bias has been exposed, yet they and their watchdogs seem oblivious believing their world view is the only one to have and everyone else is simply ‘wrong’. Their incapability to consider any other views but their own shunts them into irrelevance as the audience they serve becomes simply a small polemic group and definitely not the public at large. In my communications with them, with their ‘watchdogs’ and with the Press Council tend to show individuals in positions of power who have a disdain for any alternate opinions seeing the rest of us as encumbrances to their elitist status and annoyances to their daily routine. This condescension on their part coupled with their lack of objectivity and interest to have transparent, investigative and responsible journalism shows they are long past their date of usefulness and have now only become dead weights to society, needed to be discarded so as not to hold the rest of us back. For that reason they will be gladly left behind in irrelevance and for those reasons they will probably sit there in the future living in the past and blaming everyone else for the ultimate consequences of their actions – their demise.

“a handful of mostly young (read: cheap) journalists repurpose print and wire copy for online publication. They answer to digital bosses, secluded from masthead editors, breeding a bipolar disorder in its brands” Importance of Ideas

“These revelations did not trigger any journalistic instincts at the major networks, cable news channels or major newspapers. It did, however, reach a core with citizen watchdogs”. Stop the ACLU

stopbigmedia.com, Cyberstumped – big media is definitely offline, The big picture problem of media bias, Big media or big SEO spammers?, Super-concentrated – who controls the media?, Meet the next old media dinosaur, State of the news media – audiences plummet, Media dinosaur – new news networking?,

Freeculture.org, NYT sends legal threats to blogs, Nothing to see here folks – the lamestream media on climategate, Pot calling the kettle black, Exposing left wing media bias, Climategate whitewash ignored by lamestream media,

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Ooops again – the UN IPCC must be blind, stupid, corrupt or all three!

As the science of sea level rise is further investigated seems like here is another thing the UN IPCC with their billions of funding and fanatical alarmist scientists failed to tell us or include in their reports;

From the migrant mindsea level rise historically has been up to 20m / 1000 years

And the UNIPCC want to tell us that the current sea level rise of 1.8mm per year(1.8m/thousand years) is our fault! And that rise is leveling off after being consistent for an extended period since the last ice age.

They are a bunch of blithering idiots!

How governance corrupts science, 63% of weathercasters believe climate change is natural,

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Green exaggeration & lies destroys governments – 2

Green exaggeration and lies destroys governments – 1 here

The climate alarmist lobby thought they had the race won! They wanted to make out that it was a one horse race, they had the consensus, the debate was over and any opposition to their climate fraud could be yelled down through the lame stream media by throwing sticks and stones at those skeptical of their fabricated science fiction. Pretty stupid and dumb of them – yet they continue with this childish strategy!

Guess now the chicken littles have come home to roost.

The very thing the climate alarmists ignored – namely the climate – has exposed them as liars and swindlers, misleading the public and pushing an unproven hypothesis as fact. As the world continued to cool as natural cycles says it should Global Warming is dead and has been so for over a decade. Climategate then revealed the corruption within the alarmist establishment and confirmed what many world leading scientists had been saying for years – AGW is a fraud. Now as the money trail, vested and conflicts of interest are being exposed it is the hope of many – impoverished and enslaved by these green lies – that those corrupt criminals who pushed AGW will go to jail!

What we are currently seeing is a growing, massive divergence between government and public opinion as people educating themselves are saying to governments we are sick of the AGW BS. Yet governments are still ignoring the populace, feeling they know better, and are consequently heading headlong into a green abyss – and not a very nice one.

When governments fear people there is liberty, when people fear governments there is tyranny. Thomas Jefferson.

The governments have every right to fear the people now because those in power have been exposed as committing massive green fraud! The longer they continue with their charade and lies the worse it will be for them!

Carbon tax crumbles in France as voters express their outrage, It seems those pushing climate alarmism and the climate tax the most are those who are going to make the most money out of it, The failed Labor party realises  the greens will only use them to leapfrog ahead,

Climate lies,

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Arctic sea ice continues with positive divergence

Artic sea ice continues to grow and outstrip previous years in extent as the graphic from the Sea Ice Index reveals below;

So whilst we have had climate alarmist claims that the arctic will be ice free within years and that we are past the tipping point – it continues to grow and NOT shrink. In the last few years the arctic was increasing by about 500,000km2 per year but this positive divergence is heading up towards 1,000,000 km2 mark and is now within the standard deviation for the 1979-2000 average.

Ahh what will they think of for their next fraudulent scare campaign?

Update 1/4/2010 – sea ice continues to rise instead of fall!

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Chicken little alarmists running around in circles!

Energy secretary Steven Chu who has massive conflicts of interest still being de-facto head of the Lawrence Berkely Laboratory (and its $500,000,000.+ per year government funded budget to produce global warming propaganda) comes right out and says;

“we dont understand the current cooling”

Maybe that’s because Mr Chu you have ignored natural historical cycles of the climate and replaced them with a junk science religious belief in an unproven hypothesis based on crappy computer models that are at odds with reality. More here. No surprises there!

Climategate confirmed our worst fears – AGW is simply climate porn!, Lame stream media has hysterics over earth hour whilst the populace couldn’t be bothered with the propaganda!, Auditing the humorous!

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Huge Icelandic storm from the air!

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Your UN – governing every part of your life!

This is just some of the non democratic, unelected UN which is now governing and dictating every part of your life regardless of whether you want them to or not!

From here

General Assembly

The following Bodies report directly to the General Assembly.

Main Committees

Subsidiary Bodies

Advisory Subsidiary Body

Programmes and Funds

Research and Training Institutes

Other UN Entities

To top

Security Council

The following bodies report directly to the Security Council.

Subsidiary Bodies

Advisory Subsidiary Body

To top

Economic and Social Council

The following bodies report directly to Economic and Social Council.

Functional Commissions

Regional Commissions

Standing Committees

Ad hoc bodies

  • Ad hoc Open-ended Working Group on Informatics

Expert Bodies composed of governmental experts

Expert Bodies composed of members serving in their personal capacity

Other related Bodies

To top

Trusteeship Council

International Court of Justice


Specialized Agencies, Related Organizations, Funds, and other UN Entities

Specialized Agencies

Related Organizations

Secretariats of Conventions

UN Trust Funds

To top


(1) The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission has a direct reporting relationship with the Security Council and the General Assembly, and non-subsidiary relationship with the Economic and Social Council and the Office of the Secretary-General.

(2) The UN Drug Control Programme is part of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.

(3) The IAEA reports to the Security Council and the General Assembly (GA).

(4) The CTBTO Preparatory Commission and OPCW report to the GA.

(5) UNDEF’s Advisory Board recommends funding proposals for approval by the Secretary-General.

(6) UNFIP is an autonomous trust fund operating under the leadership of the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General.

The issue is all this is without your consent! And there are ulterior motives!

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Contacting your local political representative – Australia

OK just noticed on the previous link I had to these you now have to register to obtain, so decided to repost them here to make it easier for everyone and have updated the link in the side bar. If you have any other lists let me know and I will include;

senator.arbib@aph.gov.au, senator.bilyk@aph.gov.au, senator.bishop@aph.gov.au, senator.carol.brown@aph.gov.au, senator.cameron@aph.gov.au, senator.carr@aph.gov.au, senator.collins@aph.gov.au, senator.conroy@aph.gov.au, senator.crossin@aph.gov.au, senator.evans@aph.gov.au, senator.farrell@aph.gov.au, senator.faulkner@aph.gov.au, senator.feeney@aph.gov.au, senator.forshaw@aph.gov.au, senator.furner@aph.gov.au, senator.hogg@aph.gov.au, senator.hurley@aph.gov.au, senator.ludwig@aph.gov.au, senator.lundy@aph.gov.au, senator.mcewen@aph.gov.au, senator.mclucas@aph.gov.au, senator.marshall@aph.gov.au, senator.moore@aph.gov.au, senator.nash@aph.gov.au, senator.obrien@aph.gov.au, senator.polley@aph.gov.au, senator.pratt@aph.gov.au, senator.sherry@aph.gov.au, senator.stephens@aph.gov.au, senator.sterle@aph.gov.au, senator.wong@aph.gov.au, senator.wortley@aph.gov.au

senator.abetz@aph.gov.au, senator.adams@aph.gov.au, senator.back@aph.gov.au, senator.barnett@aph.gov.au, senator.bernardi@aph.gov.au, senator.birmingham@aph.gov.au, senator.boswell@aph.gov.au, senator.sue.boyce@aph.gov.au, senator.brandis@aph.gov.au, senator.bushby@aph.gov.au, senator.cash@aph.gov.au, senator.colbeck@aph.gov.au, senator.coonan@aph.gov.au, senator.cormann@aph.gov.au, senator.eggleston@aph.gov.au, senator.ferguson@aph.gov.au, senator.fielding@aph.gov.au, senator.fierravanti-wells@aph.gov.au, senator.fifield@aph.gov.au, senator.fisher@aph.gov.au, senator.heffernan@aph.gov.au, senator.humphries@aph.gov.au, senator.johnston@aph.gov.au, senator.joyce@aph.gov.au, senator.kroger@aph.gov.au, senator.ian.macdonald@aph.gov.au, senator.mcgauran@aph.gov.au, senator.mason@aph.gov.au, senator.minchin@aph.gov.au, senator.parry@aph.gov.au, senator.payne@aph.gov.au, senator.ronaldson@aph.gov.au, senator.ryan@aph.gov.au, senator.scullion@aph.gov.au, senator.troeth@aph.gov.au, senator.trood@aph.gov.au, senator.williams@aph.gov.au, senator.xenophon@aph.gov.au

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From Huffington Post;

Perhaps those who still believe (environmentalism) it’s all about bunnies and butterflies will see things differently, when they come to recognize the strong anti-capitalist, anti-free market, anti-property rights and anti-consumer choice strains that undergird the ideology“.

With the ongoing march of climate communism we are seeing our personal and civil rights taken away all for the ‘good of the planet’. By this lying spin they are simply seizing control of more and more of our lives and money and power are becoming more and more centralised. Al Gore is a case in point – has he enriched the lives of millions? No he has become appallingly wealthy be making others poorer in the process, whilst doing very little for the environment. The graph to the right from Miscellania looks at the documentation balloon on CDO (collateralised debt obligation)and the article picks up on Lehman Brothers  and George Soros and the desire to model and thereby exert more control over global financial markets..

UK’s eco-socialist government to take one billion dollar stake in eco bank;

The government plans to take a direct equity stake in North Sea wind farms through a green investment bank, using cash raised from the sale of assets such as the Channel tunnel rail link.

I wonder if anyone has told him there’s been no wind lately and the farms are operating at about 15% capacity.

Museum becomes an exhibit in itself for global warming history of propaganda, Another ‘green’ NGO quietly amassing power and influence, European climate data failing as did America, Australia etc, Earth hour propaganda,

Al Bore had his lights on during earth hour last year … more here … did he do so this year?

Anti- earth hour 2010

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How much for the real cause?

WWF headquarters

As we see hundreds of millions if not billions going to ‘environmental’ groups how much is getting to the real cause to actually planting trees or cleaning up waste? Most seems to go on proselytizing, media campaigns, brand awareness, green bureaucracy, lavish buildings etc as well as significant directors salaries and frequent lavish climate conference junkets in the likes of Bali. The green corporate is certainly an expensive and very, very lucrative business! Not unlike Wall St!

It needs to be asked how much of each dollar contributed to WWF & Greenpeace actually goes into hands on environmental programs? How much bang do we get for our buck? Seems like very very little. Other charities in many cases are required to identify how much of each dollar for example in child support programs goes to the child for example Compassion says approx. 80% of their funding goes to the child’s development. We want to know how much of each dollar in WWF and Greenfleece Greenpeace ends up in tangible outcomes like tree planting, re-vegetation etc – minus all the spin, the admin, the bureaucracy and the other BS.

Great blog – Givewell – definitely worth checking and seeing where your money goes! Their 2008 Interim Australian Charities Financial Analysis

The following is a typical example of green behaviour and funding – from QUADRANT; A never ending litany of purported environmental threats to the Great Barrier Reef has maintained a generous flow of funding for several generations of researchers and the reef salvation industry now brings about $100 million annually into the local economy in North Queensland. Although none of these threats has ever become manifest as a serious impact and all of the millions of dollars in research has never found any effective solution for anything, the charade never seems to lose credibility or support.

See more of the lavish WWF headquarters, more here, and their Washington temple below. Green business is certainly big and certainly not poor! This is what your money to save the whales and panda bears builds!

WWF headquarters Washington

The Flannery forgeries!

Earth hour fraud – wont make an iota of difference to power generation!

The stupidity, futility and fantasy of earth hour!

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