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Get the real story on the climate, not the paid lamestream media shrills in the NWO.

If you want your link added – or know of a good link to add email me – twawki1 at gmail dot com with ‘add blog’ in the header or else simply add a comment on this post.

Translate the blogs into other languages Yahoo Babel ; World lingo ; Humanitas 

Climate realist blogs ; TWAWKI ;

Air vent  — ABC news watchAn honest climate debateAndy Semple Andrew Bolt —  AlGorelied  —  Australian Climate MadnessAustralian Libertarian SocietyAutonomous MindBig Brother WatchBarnaby is rightBishop HillBunyiptudeC3 headlinesCarbon capture reportCFACTChiefioClimate AuditClimate Non conformist — Climate Common SenseClimate Change DispatchClimate DebateClimate DepotClimate RealistsClimate research newsClimate Science R. Pielke Sr.Climate-skepticClimate Skeptics PartyCoalition for Agricultural ProductivityCO2 ScienceCory BernardiCrazy WorldCranky Old Crow Daily suppositoryThe Daily BayonetFollowthemoneyGlobal Climate ScamGlobal FreezeGlobal Research —  Global Warming ScienceGlobal Warming Policy FoundationGreen HellHaunting the LibraryHelliogenic Climate ChangeI love my CO2Icecap James DelingpoleJennifer MarohasyJoanne NovaJohn DaleyJudith CurryJunk ScienceJustGroundsMenzies HouseMaster ResourceMcLean on UNIPCC  — Micky MusesNo Carbon Tax RallyNot by fire but by iceNigel FarageNiche Modelling — No carbon taxNo frakking consensusNZ climate science coalitionPAPUNDITS Plants need CO2Omega timesQuadrantRealScienceRevolt against carbon taxRoger Pielke JrRoy SpencerScience and public policySlaying the sky dragonSmall dead animalsSoylent GreenThe BlackboardThe Hockey Schtick — The Chilling EffectThe Daily BayonetteThe reference frameThe resilient earthTim BlairTom NelsonUnbearable nakedness of climate changeWarwick HughesWake up 2 the liesWattsupwiththatWorld climate report

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I bet we can get 10,000 people to say no to the carbon tax ;

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Data sets

Bureau of MeteorologyLaymans Sunspot CountSea Ice IndexSolarCycle 24

If you want your link added – or know of a good link to add email me – twawki1 at gmail dot com with ‘add blog’ in the header.

12 Responses

  1. […] list of climate skeptic blogs accessible here. If you know of any blogs to add to the list email me – twawki1 at gmail dot com and put […]

  2. Jim Simpson says:

    Excellent list Doug – A few I’d not heard of previously which I’ll try to visit. Meantime, my only problem nowadays is finding the time (day or night) to spend on any of them!

  3. […] Climate blogs Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  4. Climate blogs T W A W K I I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are incredible! Thanks! your article about Climate blogs T W A W K I Best Regards Veronica Lawrence

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