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Self sufficiency

OK I gotta go through these n vet them but its a beginning – under construction;

Survival foods ; Backyard self sufficiency ; Path to Freedom – The Dervaes Family in Pasadena, California transformed their urban block into an organic garden supplying not just their food needs but also those of local restaurants. Homestead Blogger – A community for homesteaders. Self sufficient farm living ; Sarah’s Homestead Blog – Dedicated to the ramblings of a girl on a small farm in the woods of Oregon. My Tiny Plot – An allotment diary written by an inexperienced gardener in the South West of England. Not a Proper Farmer. The Cottage Smallholder. Hobby Farmsis a magazine about “rural living for pleasure and profit”. Its marketing copy says that it “embraces the growing segment of population that is returning to farm life in search of a more meaningful existence”. The Hobby Farms website includes plenty of useful stuff, including:

The basics of beekeeping — An awesome article on planning your vegetable garden How to grow and sell heirloom tomatoesHow to build raised beds — Another article on building chicken coopsDownloadable checklists and templates

Countryside & Small Stock Journal is “the magazine of modern homesteading”. It features articles on constructing a homestead, the homestead as a business, the country kitchen, and self-reliance and survival.

The Countryside website includes two blogs, only one of which is actually updated. It also offers many past articles from the magazine, including:

Homesteading ; Small farm permaculture ; All Things PlantsBackyard Fresh FoodsChris French BlogCountry ConsultantFarming With FletcherGrowing Your Grub PodcastHen HavenLiberty or Zombie PodcastMacBourne’s MusingsModern Survival OnlineMy10acres.infoNes’ FarmNorth Texas Vegetable GardenersRevel GardenerSelf-Sufficient-Blog.comSoil Cube Tool CompanySouth East Georgia HomesteadStumbling HomesteadSuburban Homestead GardenSurvival HawaiiSurvival Tips : The Survivalist Blog Survival UKThe Backyard PioneerThe Half-Arse FarmerThe Homestead FritzThe Liberty ScaleThe Outdoor PodcastThe Patriot GardenThe RetreatThe Survival MomThe Survival PodcastThe Tiny LifeTo Do List HomeUrban Farm and BeehivesWant Less, Live More BlogWilted Leaf

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  1. […] Also pages with links to survival blogs and self sufficiency blogs […]

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We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in. Thomas Paine

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