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Climate shifting to little ice age conditions

As forecast by Piers Corbyn recently the jet streams are shifting to mini ice age conditions, both in the NH and SH.US national weather service reports;

During tonight’s weather balloon launch, we observed an anomalously strong jet stream at the top of the troposphere (where the majority of weather happens). Winds were measured at 148 mph at approximately 36,000 and 41,000 feet. The jet stream has dipped far south over the last few days and has created a deep trough over the eastern U.S“.

Little ice age conditions are where the jet streams strengthen and move closer to the equator. As the jet streams head towards the equator polar air reaches closer to the equator also bringing more cold and snow to the regions in between. The jet stream shifts are because of a quiet sun with low sunspot activity like the little ice age in the 1700s.

Also with a low sunspot count according to Svensmark theory we get more cloudiness and further cold as the earth is shaded. With the magnetic field of the earth dropping this exacerbates the problem, allowing more cosmic rays in as the atmosphere cracks. Increasing volcanism which can also happen during magnetic field & solar declines can add significant amounts of sulphur to the atmosphere which has a further shielding effect of the sun.

Despite the predictions by the global warming protagonists )mostly who profit from the false scare), the snowline in Australia is not climbing, and snow isnt becoming extinct – in fact the opposite is happening. This year marks good snowfalls, often to low levels with last week the resorts getting up to a metre of snow with more on the way this week.

So while we have Gillards socialist wealth redistribution program under the false guise of a warming tax, there is a deepening deadly cold ahead. As the ALP government induced electricity prices skyrocket lets be thankful summer is on the way for Australians. For the northern hemisphere as winter approaches many innocent people wont be so lucky to escape the deadly cold.

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Sun shifts and regime changes

Whichever way you look at it this month has been a period of unusual events for the sun and consequently the earth.

Firstly we had the gigantic triangular coronal hole on the sun- quite remarkable when you consider the sun is a million times the size of the earth.

Then we get the huge dark disc looking like it is refueling from the sun though the government assures us it is just an optical illusion.

Next are the cracks in the earth’s magnetic field – Government says don’t worry they were to be expected, just enjoy because now we have aurora borealis even though it is solar minimum (but they wont tell you that).

Solar cycle 24 keeps going on it’s anemic way, Livingston & Penns theory of diminishing sunspots keeps getting validation, Svensmarks theory of global cooling get’s more proof, Solar Cycle 25 is likely to almost flatline, and the low level clouds that are slowly blanketing the earth from the poles continue to grow.

Meanwhile the media and the government will tell you global warming is causing the deepening deadly cold, even though a few years ago the climate communists told us snow would soon be a thing of the past. That was a dud prediction as record snowfalls blanket the earth.

And just in case you thought it was all bad, the sun has more and more sun rainbows, but shhh just because its caused by more ice crystals as we see cooling of the upper atmosphere doesnt mean you should worry. Neither should the contracting atmosphere as it cools. Nor is shortened atmospheric height a worry, the government have quietly eliminated it from the temperature record.

Go on your happy way, let the governments dumb you down by TV and fluoride, tax you into climate communism, and trust them that with the impending extended solar minimum historically known correlating disasters (deadly cold, crop failures, increased earthquakes, volcanoes etc) wont happen. Ignorance is bliss! well at least till it is too late.

Unusual geomagnetic activity on the sun ; New cloud type discovered ; Clouds coming closer to earth

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Mist and shadow

Home is behind

the world ahead

there are many paths to tread

through shadow

to the edge of night

until the stars are all alight

mist and shadow

cloud and shade

All shall fade

All shall fade

Watch Pippins song from Lord of the rings.

Whilst our lying left governments continue to push the global warming fraud, the sun is slumbering, Svensmark theory evolves, the cold deepens, oceans cool, sea levels fall and mist and shadow advance upon us steadily. Our growing seasons will shorten, food security will become an issue, there will be wars and rumours of wars.

The influence of cloudiness on UV global irradiance ;

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